Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Post It Note Tuesday

I felt the need to utilize a few post-it notes this morning. These are the only ones that were close enough to PG rated, non-angry and appropriate for sharing... maybe next week I'll have more I can share!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Fun at The Shack

We took a quick trip up to Buck's Lake on Saturday!! My parents have some property up there where they're building a weekend getaway spot! I call it "The Shack". You'll see why in a couple minutes! We had a quick lunch in the trailer before heading down to the creek that runs below The Shack.
In a normal July, the girls would be in shorts and wading through the cold mountain water.

Wait, scratch that. In a "normal" July, the creek would probably barely be running.
However, it was a very long winter around here... so we get to enjoy the rippling brook for awhile longer!
Even the doggies had a good time!
They had fun finding critters! I think they were looking at helgramites here..

I don't know why I try and get a good picture of the three of them anymore... this is what I end up with!

Momma: "Emma, you've never looked so much like your dad, before!" lol

Daddy and Red had a little "Battle of the super loose tooth" by the crik.

"Come on!!!!" Dad whined when she refused to give in!
Brenna ended up winning this round!

In case you were wondering, Brooklyn is still our family clown!

We made our way up to The Shack after a bit.

Notice the snow still on the ground!
*IN* July!

And here ya have it... The Shack!
It actually kind of embarrasses me.
I mean, it's way too small for any of the family to crash in...
it's completely run down... it's an absolute... well, shack.
I shiver to think of having to sleep in there... I'd almost rather take my chances in the tent with the bears!

Just a peek of the inside... I don't imagine there's much they're gonna be able to do to turn this thing around. The sheer smallness of it doesn't leave much room for improvement.

So after we took our chances looking around The Shack, we headed over to the lake!
It's so pretty and full right now!
We just wanted a nice quiet spot to let the girls play in/near the water... and this was perfect!
Daddy borrowed Poppa's fishing pole and threw in a line here and there.

Emma had a blast playing *near* the water. It still wasn't quite warm enough for them to go crazy in the water.

The wind would blow for a minute and then let up. Then it'd blow some more. The sun would hide and then come back out. It was beautiful and oh-so relaxing!And then Daddy caught a fish!!!

A German Brown, to be exact! Lookit Brenna trying to make you think she thinks it's gross... she totally KISSED that fish!! I'm sure the fish found extreme comfort in Brenna's kiss as it... well, you know.

And look who else kissed the fish! Blech!

We caught two fish altogether! IF I had my fishing license, I *probably* would have caught the second one and it *probably* would have been bigger than his! *wink wink*

We definitely need to go back up soon!!! It's too close and too relaxing and too fun to ignore the beauty any longer!!! Must. go. back!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

20 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 20 Weeks
Size of baby: Banana
6.5inches and 10.5 ounces.
Total Weight Gain: negative 5 pounds!!
Maternity Clothes: I have one pair of trusty maternity shorts and some shirts! I definitely need to find some nicer wear for church because I've been reduced to wearing jeans!! no bueno!
Gender: Girl #4!
Movement: Yes!
The baby is laying towards my back... with the placenta between her and the outside of my stomach, so I think that's keeping me from feeling her as much as I'd like at this point!
Sleep: Yes!
Am doing pretty good so far. I purchased a Boppy body pillow that has really helped with aches and pains at night. There are days when I feel like I could literally sleep ALL day!!!
What I miss: Not much at this point.
Just trying to enjoy everything about his last pregnancy!
Cravings: Greasy tacos and club sandwiches... kinda random.
Symptoms: Just really tired. Kinda cranky.
What I’m looking forward to: Next u/s is on September 3rd! It'll be a 3d/4d so we'll get to see her with some chubs on her!
What else:
We picked out her name! Cassie Shane J. She's actually going to have a 2nd middle name, but we're keeping that quiet until she's born!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Kid Conversation

A lil conversation you might have heard in my house today.

"Mooooooooooom! I went pee and poo!"

"Ok, coming, Boo."

"This is the best. toilet. ever., Mom."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I've been a very bad blogger lately, but every once in a while, I have something to blog about. Today, it's more of Baby Quockido. (Baby #4)

Well, we no longer have to refer to the poor girl as Quockido. Her name will now and forever be "Cassie Shane"!! I'm still kind of in mourning about my first choice, which was "Irelyn Shane", however I knew that the Hubs just wasn't feeling it. So, ever the dutiful wife (yeah, I'm rolling my eyes, too) I kept wracking my brain for the perfect name.

It took a while for Cassie to come back to me. It was a name that we'd considered when picking out names for Emma. It's not Cassidy or Cassandra... just Cassie. Named for my father's initials, C.A.S., and her father's middle name; Shane. So yeah, she's named after two men. And I think it's cute!

Ok, so part 2!

Ultrasound 3 was today! Her HB was at 154 and she seemed to be measuring right on schedule (18w 5d) and I just wanted to share some pictures!

Still a girl!
Lookit the gams on this girl!

I don't think I've seen one of my girls this stretched out before!
Stretch those legs while you still have room, baby girl!

Her sweet lil profile!

Friday, May 6, 2011

12 Weeks - Baby Quockido

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 12 Weeks
Size of baby: 1.69 inches as of Tuesday, May 3!
Weight Gain
: -3 pounds!
Maternity Clothes: Still no. Hanging out in my regular clothes.
Gender: Still unknown, but we did get the "money shot" at the u/s on Tuesday. No boy bits as of yet.
Movement: None yet. It normally doesn't happen for me until somewhere around 17-20 weeks
Sleep: Still dropping off around 2 everyday for a quick snooze. I sleep good through the night and have been waking up early... like, 6-6:30 early. *blech*
What I miss:
Nothing... everything is going along really well!
: Nothing that I don't normally crave... bread, sweets... not craving the leafy greens, but I have high hopes. lol
Symptoms: Fatigue... crankiness.

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the baby move... finding out if Baby Quockido's a boy or girl! Just a few more weeks!

Friday, April 22, 2011

10 Weeks - Baby Quockido

Baby Quockido is my new nickname for this baby... meaning, Baby 4 (Quattro). When Brooklyn was little, she loved to count in Spanish... "uno, dos, tres, quockido...."
Since I'm all flabby and not pregnant-looking yet, this is what Baby Quockido might look like at 10 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 10 Weeks
Size of baby: 1.4 inches, .14 oz - about the size of a prune
Weight Gain
: 0 - holding steady!
Maternity Clothes: Not yet... probably won't take too much longer.
Gender: Unknown, but we're gonna find out at the soonest possible moment!!!
Movement: None yet. It normally doesn't happen for me until somewhere around 17-20 weeks
Sleep: I have been sleeping like the dead! Super heavy with snoring and all!!
What I miss:
Not a thing... So far, I wouldn't even know I was pregnant if it weren't for the absence of the monthly plague!
: I am craving getting to week 16 so we can do a gender determination ultrasound!
Symptoms: Fatigue and a very strong gag reflex. Other than that, I feel VERY fortunate about the absence of all of the "normal" pregnancy symptoms.

What I’m looking forward to: So looking forward to finding out what we're having, but next week I should be able to hear the heartbeat at the doctor's appointment. He also has an u/s machine in the office, so I'm hoping he'll take a peek to maybe pin down the due date - which would mean I'd get so see the baby!!! *fingers crossed*

Friday, March 25, 2011

Karma and Shocker with a side of Salad Dressing.

I sent the Hubs and Brooklyn to the school for a Potluck. I sent them with the requested garlic bread and salad. I offerred to take her to her Band Debut the next night so that he could work late, so I stayed home to relax and do some crocheting.

Fifteen Minutes after he left, I get a text...
Him: "I shold of brought sald dressings" (he's a fantastic texter! ;o) )
Me: "Crap! They didn't say anything about dressing!!"
Him: "Can u bring some up"
Me: "Ummmm.... Can't u borrow some?"
Him: "Yes or no"
Me: "Please try and borrow"
Him: "Bring some up please"
20 minutes later -
Me: "Just got this... Just borrow some"
8 minutes later -
"Just ripped my pinky toe on the garage door... Monm is gonna take me to ER"

So yeah, right after I sent him the late text, I went out to the garage to grab some yarn. I opened the door to the garage and put my left foot forward before I had the door open all the way and it slid over the pinky toe area. There was something sharp on the bottom of the weather stripping and I felt it scratch my foot. I yiped and howled and maybe said "CRAP!" as I hobbled down the garage stairs and waited for the pain to subside.

I thought maybe it was just a surface scratch and didn't know why it would be hurting that much... so I looked down. It was *not* a surface scratch. There was a gap-ish scratch with blood... lots of blood starting to flow. I get the heeby-jeebies just thinking about it now... and that was two days ago. OK, so more hobbling and blood-trailing through the house, to the kitchen to grab some paper towels, haphazardly wrapping my my foot in a gob of paper towels that are quickly becoming soaked with blood.

Ok, let's stop here. Can you tell from my vivid recounting of the tale that I was extremely scarred by this event? Well, I was! At one point, when I sat down to call my mom, my entire bod had a flash of heat - which I was later told can be a pre-cursor to fainting. Nice, huh?

Ok, so fast forward to the ER. It was almost empty, HALLELUJAH!! The intake nurse took one look at my toe and let out this horrendous "UGHGUGHGUGHGOWOOOHHUUUGHHH". I looked at my mom and gave her a look of "WTHeck?" Are they supposed to voice their horrified reaction? Aren't they supposed to keep that to them self? After all, I hadn't looked at my pinky toe since I wrapped it in paper towels and slipped my foot into my slippers. Guaging from her reaction, I thought maybe I was going to lose my pinky toe! This was the ER, afterall! Don't they see much more horrific nastiness emergencies in there?

So fast forward again to Room 1. My mom came back with me and I felt all fidgety.

Me: "So, uh, have the girls said anything to you about surprises?"
Mom: "No."
Me: "Oh, well... I guess I'm gonna have to tell you now that we're expecting.... again."
Mom: "You are?!" Half smile- half smirk. "I thought I heard you whispering it to the nurse. Something about November."
Me: "Yeah. It was a total shocker and it's still so early that I probably wouldn't have told you yet but I know I'm gonna have to mention it in front of the doctor, sooo yeah."

Immediately after that conversation, the nurse comes in, "Your husband and two children are here."

Mom: "Oh, Ok, I'll go sit with the girls and let him come in."
Me: Dumbfounded. "Uh... ok." pause. It started sinking in... "UGH, I didn't even have to tell her yet!"

I don't know what it is, but after 7 years of being married and 3 kids, I still get nervous telling my mom. And maybe a lil nervous about telling everyone else which is why I just dropped the bomb in a BLOG post.

So anyway, the Hubs came in and was very supportive as I got my "digi-block" - nastiest pain ever, btw. Ever, ever, ever. EH-VER. I did not look at my toe anymore. I hung out under my sweater, my leg and foot numb from tensing them so much, and just waited for it to be over.

Me: "So, uh... I guess if I would have just gotten my butt up and dressed and brought you some salad dressing, this probably wouldn't have happened, huh?"
Hubs: "Yeah. Karma."

I made it up to the Hubs by letting him document the occasion with cell phone pics and videos.


Fine Print: If you made it this far, you are also agreeing *not* to make any comments on my long toes, dry skin, or un-pedicured feet. I'll sue you if you do!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I'm sitting on my couch and I smell this *very* strong smell of coffee...
I know it's not freshly brewing coffee because we have a Keurig... and hubby's not home... and, like I said, I was sitting on the couch.

So I already have a basic guess of what's happening in the other room.

But come on... this?
Soooo... yeah.
And grrr.

I mean, really. REALLY?!
The WHOLE container, guys?

At first I thought it was just my sweet little angel-face, but these are the socks coming off of her favorite little minion. (Face cropped out to protect the not-so-innocent).
Btw, that's not dirt making his white socks look so dingy...

And that would be the head of my sweet lil Boo!
Again, not flea poop... coffee.
At the end of all that, I ended up with a couple of things...
1. A washer filled one giant, super-huge bean bag cover, coffee-covered socks, one curtain panel, one pair of lil boy minion pants and one purple polka-dotted pajama.

Without questioning why my daughter was still in her pajamas at noon-thirty- er, that time of day, would you look at the feet of her pajamas? Goodness Gracious!

2. A house that smells like fresh brewed coffee. Not even the best candle can get a more accurate coffee aroma filling up your entire house!

3. A brand new memory to file in the Momma Files


A special thanks goes out to my Dyson... She (yes, she - she's pink) did a fabulous job at sucking up that entire container of coffee.

In case you don't know what it's like to clean up all that coffee off of any surface... I'm not gonna tell you. I'll let you ruminate on how many trillion-ka-jillions pieces of coffee me and my Dyson tackled... and pray that you all will someday get to put such an awesome memory in your Momma Files!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Day of School in Bullet Form (completely random order)

  • Today I became a college student... again.
  • ...after 10+ years of being a mommy and wife.
  • I was early. This hardly ever, ever, ever happens. I am normally fashionably unfashionably late... even weekly things that we do every week... happenings that are at the SAME time every week... late. that's me.
  • I've had quite a bit of anxiety about starting back to school because
    1. I feel like I have the brain of a 3rd grader... it feels like mush
    2. I'm starting back with a class that should be taken shortly after Math 4...
    3. I took Math 4 10-12 years ago.
  • Did I mention I was early?
  • Being 34... I totally thought I was gonna be the oldest person in the class. I'm not. There was a much older man in there.
  • The handicapped stall in the women's bathroom has a mirror directly across from the toilet. I do. not. need to see myself while on the toilet. Ever.
  • I had to park WAY far away but I was still early. I enjoyed the walk.
  • The teacher - or is it professor - was 10 minutes late. But that's ok because he's funny.
  • He moved the start time of the class to 8:10, not 8. He said if we're there at 8:10, we're not late, but on time. If we arrive at 8:11, we're 11 minutes late. Logical, yes?
  • We went over the syllabus - kinda.
  • He told us we didn't need our books (that I paid over a hundo for).
  • I only need 399 points to pass the class with a C, but I think I'm going to aim a little higher this time around. maybe.
  • He had us get into lil groups and discuss a very important question that had everything to do with Math 5.
  • Two people were in the wrong class and had to walk out as we all watched them. One guy was in the wrong building entirely. I'm glad that wasn't me.
  • I had a little piece of all of my family with me. Brooklyn's backpack from last year. I used one of my Honey's pencils with the Carpenter info on it. I had Brenna's binder and folder. The binder and folder had Emma's beautiful artwork all over the inside. Having the reminders of my family mad me smile.
  • The teach let us out at 8:50.
  • The class wasn't scheduled to be out until 9:50.
  • I didn't hear anyone complain.
Ok, so back to the topic questions. Here is the first one;
"If you had the opportunity to be truly happy for 365 days, BUT it's erased from your mind on Day 366, would you still want to have that experience?"

Topic two was more of a "Would you" scenario...
"I have $20,000 to offer you, BUT you cannot bathe, brush your teeth or wear deodorant for 3 months... would you do it?"

What are your thoughts on the two scenarios. I will do another post in a couple of days with the way I answered and some of the different answers others in the class gave.

  • I'm looking forward to rockin' this class!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3 - Tupperware Cabinet

So this my Day 3, although I skipped a couple on the calendar! It's my prerogative, right? Actually, on the real day 3, I was run down and sore from the surgery... something about doing too much and not taking it easy to give myself time to heal. And then Day 4 was my birthday.... 'nough said!

So Day 3 is the Tupperware cabinet. Well, we don't have one. We have a Tupperware drawer that sits in the bottom of our pantry. The Hubs and I tend to get really stressed and aggravated if we have a ton of plastic tubs laying a round so we recently switched to a new type and just use that kind. No more sour cream or butter containers and lids floating all over.

However, you can see from this beaut that the drawer had been pulled out and had accumulated some items that *do not* belong in a Tupperware drawer... like the last two pieces of a loaf of bread. And then there's a can of beets.
I took the whole drawer out, cleaned it and organized what little we had and put it back in the drawer. All of that took about 3 minutes.
Then when I went to put it back... *SIGH*.... the sight of the pantry floor overwhelmed me. I couldn't just put my nicely organized Tupperware drawer among all of that chaos! There was all of the crap that gets tossed in without looking to make sure lands in the right spot.
So, I swept it all out to the middle of the floor.

*gag* *GROSS*

I called the Hubs in to take a look at the area that he was supposedly supposed to be keeping up on and got a shameful look in return. He helped to throw out all the trash and I fixed the rest of it so I could put the Tupperware drawer in.

And in, it is! You can also see the pantry floor now.
*shaking head*rolling eyes*shrugging*huffing and puffing*

I know that the Pantry is coming up, but it's definitely going to have to wait for another day! Here's a pic so you can see what I have in store for me.

I said "DON"T JUDGE"!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 2 - The Desk

The Desk... dun dun DUN!
So here's my crappy little desk.
Complete with paper galore and an unfinished candy cane!

I'm actually really unhappy with my computer desk and the fact that it's in the *dining room*. gaw! One of these days I'll figure where a good place is for this whole contraption, but in the meantime it definitely needs the attention!

While I was at it, I decided to do the dining room table. (another catch-all spot)

So... viola! It's done.

And so is the dining room table! I just have to figure out which table cloth we're gonna go with and it'll be complete!