Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Red Taters!

Six years ago today, my Baby Red Taters was born!

She loves her Daddy! And her Daddy loves her!
She is, afterall...
his Huntin' Buddy!

She loves her Momma! And her Momma loves her!

She is, afterall... Momma's shoppin' buddy!

She loves her sisters
and her sissies love her!
Her hair matched the pumpkins!

She made the perfect Pebbles...

... and Annie!

And yes, the perfect penguin!
It hurts her little soul to disappoint Momma... like when she draws "uglies" on herself!

But not if that disappointment means having to share her ice cream!

From the day should could walk.... she has been our lil helper!

But sometimes her nemesis shows up and she has to take it easy.

Her sassy walk...

Her fierce model poses...

Work it, girl!

The love we have for this lil Firecracker makes our hearts hurt so good!

Today our lil Cloverbud turns 6!

We love you so! Happy Birthday, Red!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

It's just better than saying it out loud... and a bit therapeutic!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday, x-posted

This was also posted on the Stella B Designs blog...

Here it goes, my first foray into giving my Passive-Aggressive inner voice a chance to shine...
My very first ...

*sigh* that felt good!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Something's Wrong With This Picture

Last night I shaved two 200+ pound pigs.

No need to do a double-read on that... you read it right.

I. shaved. two. pigs. last. night.

My legs are unshaven,



:raised eyebrow:

... but never fear... the pigs have a new high and tight cut...

This can mean one of two things.

1)My priorities are way out of wack and my self-image is so far gone that I have no hope of ever returning to my previous self,


2)The Silver Dollar Fair is right around the corner.

The things we do for love.

(The above was sung in my head as I wrote it. Just so ya know.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Saturdays

Seeing as how I'm concentrating on the "Everyday" aspect of live - and learning to love as much about it as humanly possible, I thought I'd share what happens around here on Some Saturdays.

Our girls aren't in any sports at the moment, but that doesn't mean that our weekends are filled with lazin' in the sun!

Some Saturdays are filled with Tractor Play.
Dad is usually already outside with the older girls...

... so Mommy has to hurry and get this one ready before she gets too worked up about being left in the house!
Daddy sees her on the porch and comes back to get her!

I'm thinking this "safety lesson" might have been for Mom's sake.
... 'cause he already gave them one before they got on... right?
Some Saturdays this man makes his girls so happy just by including them in his busy man work!

It makes my heart happy to see them creating good memories!

Then, there are other Saturdays when things don't go as planned.
The Hubs had wanted to go "up the hill" to shoot his gun... then his pesky Father-in-law reminded him that his shoulder was out of commission and how was he going to shoot a gun without it throwing him into fits of agony?

THEN, his wifey shot down his plans of putting a fence up across the pasture. (I have my reasons.) THEN, he didn't get a call back about using a piece of equipment to disc up the front lawn...

I could see him getting frustrated - but nothing compared to Red's frustration! Not only had her plans to go shootin' with her "huntin' buddy" (aka. Dad) been foiled, but her older sister had already gone to Grandma's house! She wasn't too happy.

So Mommy suggested they go fishing somewhere. This caught him completely off-guard, but he didn't argue!
So, some Saturdays, we fish!

And Red caught her very first Large MOUTH Bass!!!!

I don't think this Dad could have more love for his girls!

Nothing 'bout it too peculiar! But I can't get enough!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i "heart"... thursday 4/22/10

I am participating in this weeks I "heart"... at You and Me Plus Three. Go there now to add yours and read others!!

"i heart..." the new look and feel of my blog! Everyday Love is definitely a step up from being "This Tired Mom"... I'm loving the new outlook!

"i heart..." getting packages in the mail!

"i heart..." my bare-bottomed Emma... potty training is going VERY well!!!

"i heart..." that school is almost out for the year!

"i heart..." having my truck paid off, windshield fixed after 4 years, and being completely, totally legal to drive!

"i heart..." my brothers new Basset Hound pup, Bertie! She is so adorable!

"i heart..." that my girls have a wonderful family on both sides!

"i heart..." dreaming of what our lives will look like in the future!

"i heart..." that my hubby loves and accepts me on my very worst days - he may not understand me, but he never lets me forget that he's here for the long haul!

"i heart..." looking on the bright side!