Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

Today marks the first day of school for the 09-10 school season!

We finished up some very minimal school shopping last night with new shoes... because we all know it just wouldn't be the same - starting school without a new pair of kicks! I remember feeling so excited and "new" on that first day of school... the shoes that made you run faster... the new clothes that were all crisp and clean and new-looking... Even Daddy was the one that said, "they have to have new shoes"...

So, since This Tired Mom now has 2 school-aged children to get ready each morning, we've set up a new schedule.

6-6:30am - TV goes on for a "waking-up" period (kinda the opposite of winding down) I will use this time to prepare breakfast/lunches
6:30-6:45am - get dressed (in the clothes they set out the night before)
6:45-7:08-ish: Hair time (I'm pledging to do my girls hair everyday!)
7:08-ish - 7:35: breakfast (I will finish lunches at this time)
7:35-7:45 shoes and brush teeth

They should be pretty ready to go by this time... Here's hoping we have a smooth school year!

Here are my beauties!

Brenna is starting KINDERGARTEN!!! She has been so excited - like even before summer vacation started! However, when the nerves start to kick in, she tends to clam up on me... she was totally holding out on the cute photo ops!

Talk about a wiggle worm!!

Finally, I got her to stand still with Brooklyn - however she DID NOT want Brooklyn touching her. Notice, still no smile... well, not her real smile!

Brooklyn, btw, is going into 4TH grade (I can't believe it)
They are standing here with Sierra K... she is a long time friend of Brenna & Brooklyn's!

Here Brooklyn is trying to esplain that Brenna is being difficult...

*gasp* A SMILE! The only reason I got this smile is because she was trying to be sneaky!
Her friend, Sierra R. did not want to be in pics, so I told her to sneak in with Sierra and I'd take her picture really fast!
Their first line up and walk to class... Yes, the shortest student of the class belongs to me!

Checkin' out her name.

This pics shows more of her "will". The teacher asked if anyone knew her name... everyone rose their hand - except Brenna. When the teacher counted to three, Brenna chimed in with everyone else... "Miss MacGibbon". She totally knew.

Working on their first project!

And this smile... "OK, Mom... I'm happy, OK?" haha
She's a lil poop, but I love'r to death!

I would have more pics of Brooklyn except she's what we call a "social butterfly". As soon as she found Courtney, her BFF, I completely lost her! It took a good 10 minutes to spot her again before I got the above pictures.

And, apparently, after looking at these photos, I'm going to have to make sure Emma keeps her hands off of my camera. It appears she has changed the setting because all of the pictures don't look quite right!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's been keeping me busy...

Phew! I've been busy! Ok, Busy with a CAPITAL B!
The last sale went over great and I've been working on the giveaway beanies!

I just wanted to come up for air long enough to show a few of the things I've been busy with.

I could totally insert pics of my three hellion beautiful daughters right here, because God knows they don't let me slow down!

However, here are a few of my recent crafts...

Purple Gingham Flower Clip (attached to alligator clip)

Mini Pink & White Korker Clip (also attached to alligator clip)

"Lil Bella" in Brown & Light Pink
These next beanies will be heading to Germany!

"Lil Bella"
Cream & Purple (this looks even better in person)

"Faded Denim" - Original Newsboy Beanie

In honor of my newly graduated CHP officer brother, I made the black & white beanie for his roommate's boys.

This is a close up of "The Hamptons" beanie

"The Hamptons" Original Newsboy beanie
I don't know why I call it that. I've never been... to the Hamptons, that is.
I have been to the beach a lot and that's what these colors remind me of... summer.

"Granny Stitch" Newsboy in sage. This beanie was
fully customized per customers specific requests!

These next two were ordered by my very first "Stella B Designs" customer on Etsy.
She's ordered them for a set of twins that are due soon!
They will also be army "brats".
(I hope you know I use that term very affectionately!)