Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...in which Cassie discovers her hands

Cassie: "Um, Emma? What is that?"
Emma: "What's what, Cassie?""
Cassie: "That, Emma!"
Emma: "Oh, that's just mom's camera, Sissy."

Cassie: "Oh. Well, what does it do? Play music? Shake? Why's it just sitting there?"
Emma: "No, no, Silly Cassie. Mom wants you to take your picture."
Cassie: "I don't know, Em... it's kinda creepy."
Emma: "Just smile... like this... and it will eventually go away."

Cassie: "Smile? Hmmm... I dunno, Emma. Smiling can be hard to get right. It takes a lot of practice. I'm not sure if I can do it."
Emma: "Just doooo it, already!"

Cassie: *hmmm, ok... smile...* "How's this?"
Emma: "That's a good try, PooterButt, but keep going."

Cassie: "Ok, that wasn't so hard. Lookit this one, Sis."
Emma: "Good job, now let me play with my blocks."

Cassie: "Emma, look, I'm a rapper! It makes two to make a thing go RIII-IIIIIGHT!  ALL YOU PARTAY PEOPLE!!"
Emma: "Oh, now you're just showing off!"

Cassie: "Look, Mom, it's the Sprinkler!"

Cassie: "Oh, wait, wait... check this one out... It's the Cabbage Pa-  heeey, what are those?"

Cassie: "Whoa... what is that? Hey, Emma, what is this?"
Emma: "Oh, those are just your hands."

Cassie: "Hands?  Hands... hands! They're pretty cool. Hey mom, have you seen these hands?"
Mom: "I sure have, Cass... aren't they perfect?"
Cassie: "Well, if perfect means I can't stop staring at them, then yeah... I guess they are perfect."

Cassie: "I'm a hand-staring machine. I could do this all. day. long."

Mom: *whispers* "Thanks for the memories, Cass."

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Noelle said...

Such a sweet post! I love all these pics. Beautiful girls!!